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Workout DVD

A great DVD that will develop EVERY player in your program. It is the basic ‘formula’ I have used with every kid I have ever worked with individually (which includes 100’s of All-Staters, two dozen All-Americans and even some pros!) ~ $30.00




Ideas to dress up your program manual

Included in this packet are many samples and ideas of stationery, envelopes, get-well cards, scouting forms, daily practice plan forms, team picture schedule ideas, and special game programs. All are custom printed with an explanation of how to afford them. Some really great ideas to give your basketball program a first class look. ~ $15.00


300 Ways for You to Become a Smarter PLayer and coach! Training Manual

Over the years I have picked up many ideas from great coaches.... many from great kids...and even a few I have figured out by myself!! I have found this collection of ideas to be very successful. As you read them, I hope that you will be able to pick up something that will help you make a key play... or help you win a game somewhere along the, that wouldn't be so bad...... would it?!?!? ~ $15.00


A manual for point gaurds

I have run a Point Guard Academy 9 of the past 10 summers in Iowa. It has been wildly successful. This booklet contains all the skills, drills and materials we teach the point guards at that Academy. ~ $20.00


Basketball checklist

Get yourself organized with these comprehensive checklists. Included in this packet are lists for pre-season, squad early season self-evaluation, offensive, defensive, game-day, end of season and post season squad evaluations, newsletters and other ideas. ~ $10.00


How to organize your coaching staff and yourself

A complete packet showing methods of organizing your coaching staff and yourself during the season, as well as the entire year. Our basketball program became one of the most consistant winners in our state for a period of 33 years! Lots of great ideas that you can use in your own situation. ~ $10.00


How to set up and organize your own basketball camp

Over 30 pages of material on everything you need to set up your own high school and/or grade school basketball camp. Money-saving and time-saving ideas for T-Shirts, Insurance, Video Tapes, Brochures, Publicity, Awards, Staff, Day to Day Operation and Schedules. Guaranteed to save you many times the price of this packet. We think we had the best organized and one of the most profitable fundamentals camps in our state for 25 years. The same camp format is being used at the college I have helped for the past 10 years. ~ $25.00


fifeteen basketball money-making ideas that really work

These are 15 of the best money makers for your program that I have ever seen in high school. Using one of them, we have made as much as $6,000 in one weekend! Another has provided our program with over $5,000 for each of the 25 years. Each has shown to be successful in any size school or city. Complete instructions, details and samples for each idea. ~ $15.00


Promotions and gimmichs to put new life in your basketball program manual

A list of over 100 ideas to energize and help make your program unique. Easy to install, all have stood the test of time... and we have really used them all. I know they will work for you. ~ $15.00


Entire training Package

Value Package - Save money by buying the complete set of Coach Fleming’s library of one-of-a-kind materials. ~ $140.00


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